Wednesday, December 28, 2011



This is my family. I snapped these when we arrived to Grand Cayman and were waiting for my sister's flight (though that is a long story!). I just love the way my mom looks at my dad. After being married more than 30 years, she still looks at him as if she's never seen anything so wonderful in her whole life.

The smaller photo is of my Grannie. I am always told that I get a lot of who I am from her. She's stylish and strong. I feel like its such a great compliment to be compared to her. My grandfather, Opop, has been gone for a few years now. He was a fantastic man and looked at her much the same way my mom looks at my dad.

I titled this post "family" though it could have also been called "can you please put that damn camera away?" My dad gets upset sometimes because I don't often let him take pictures of me, yet I am always snapping pictures of everyone else. I guess it's because I am a control freak and when it comes to pictures of me, I want to make sure they're good. I'm really glad I got these shots though! I guess I can always refer my dad here the next time he tells me to put my camera away. If I put it away, then I won't get great shots like this!


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