Thursday, July 19, 2012

Amanda and Adam: the day before 'I do!'


It seems like just yesterday that I saw Amanda's post on facebook that she was engaged!

It took a couple of months of still, before they let me take their engagement pictures (here), and by their wedding, they were pros at posing for the camera!


They even re-created the "zombie pose" from their engagement shoot, but I wasn't quite quick enough and got the end of it:


And a photo with Adam's parents:


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amanda's bridesmaids - quick portraits :)

I say it over and over again, I am that annoying friend who always has their camera out and is constantly snapping pictures here and there. Luckily, by now most people are used to it and will play along and give me a pose!

Here are some shots that I took while we (Amanda's bridesmaids) were waiting to go to the water front for some quick photos and the rehearsal dinner!

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