Wednesday, October 12, 2011

James at 4 months

DSC_0046 - Version 2
DSC_0051 - Version 2DSC_0057 - Version 2
DSC_0058 - Version 2

I really wanted to get some traditional baby portraits of James while Erin and Jeff were here, but the best I could do was snap a few pictures while we had lunch at Town Center on their second to last day in town. The noon sun proved difficult for both me and James. But I think I got a couple of good pictures. Too bad I didn't think to ask for a picture of the three of them together!

I also realized that I should make some business cards. While we were there a couple asked how old James was and said that they were expecting. That would have been the prime time to whip out my business card and offer my services as a baby portrait photographer! Lessons learned.


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