Monday, October 31, 2011

apple picking and the broccoli prom


Two weekends ago I went apple picking with a bunch of friends, organized (and all linked together) by Annie. I mentioned going to my mom and she offered to bake me an apple pie. I called her from the farm and told her I didn't plan on bringing home any apples unless she wanted some. She said "don't worry about it, just take pictures and have fun." Funny, I hadn't mentioned that I had brought my camera with me ;) Guess my mom knows me too well!

Lucky for me, it was a cloudy day - which makes midday, outdoor photos a lot easier! It was pretty much just me snapping some pictures while we all goofed around. On the way, Kevin and I had been joking about how romantic broccoli picking would be... Only to discover everyone else had made the same joke on the way there. Then Etienne and Annie posed for some "broccoli prom" pictures. It was a great day at the farm!



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