Wednesday, September 14, 2011

something beautiful about holding hands


After working on pictures from the wine festival (which were featured on Michelle's blog, That's so Michelle and published on Reston Style as well), I realized that this first one here is my favorite. Then I realized that I take a lot of candid shots of people holding hands. I think its that it is really easy to capture a good hand hold when you're just taking pictures at a random event without intruding on the situation. So here are some pictures of holding hands from the past year.

From the top down:
  • Michelle and Nick
  • Alix, Cole and Rowan
  • Liz and Lee
  • Rowan and his Bambi (my mom)

So I think this means that some of the best pictures don't have to be anything posed or anything obvious, sometimes just holding hands shows an amazing amount of emotion!

DSC_0153DSC_0181 - Version 2

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