Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I don't need no stinking model


I am still practicing and developing my style, as far as photography goes. Sometimes I am the only one around when inspiration strikes me. That was the case when I took these. I had just finished taking my outfit shots for the day when I still wanted to play with my camera and work on taking some portraits.

I had just read 101 Portrait Photography Tips on Improve Photography and wanted to practice a couple of them. Here are the tips that I had in mind while I was shooting these selfies:
  • 7. Over Expose
  • 16. When shooting in poor mid-day lighting, have the subject face away from the sun.
  • 30. Crank that aperture for full-body portraits. (okay, so I always do this for my Reston Style shots, but I played with it a bit here too!)
  • 37. Fill the frame.
  • 43. Be yourself and shoot what you love. (I'm kidding here, I was just the only one around during lunch)
  • 63. Get a hair light. (though I am not sure I really succeeded in this one, I did try again the next day though! Maybe those will make it up here too...)

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